With Spring, Our Thoughts Turn to Disappearing Bees

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We know how important bees are to our flowers and food crops, impacting one-third or more of our world food supply. According to Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, PhD, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Best Bees Company ™, bees pollinate over 130 different fruit and vegetable crops that we eat!1  Researchers don’t know why bees are disappearing, but it is probably complicated. This has happened in isolated areas before, and was first reported in Ireland in 950 A.D. Today, they call it Colony Collapse Disorder.1

There are many theories why this is happening in such numbers today. They range from viral and fungal to pesticides. Researchers are focusing on pesticides most, especially, those in a class called neonicotinoids1

So what can we do about it? Go organic in your yard and gardens as well as those at your schools, parks, and church, to avoid the pesticides and herbicides. Choose flowering plant varieties that attract and feed bees and other beneficial insects that keep destructive insects in check. Being stewards of our environment helps ensure better health for our present and for generations to come.

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