Focus is on the Gut

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You may wonder why we offer so many courses written by physicians and dietitians that deal with gut health. The facts are in the research that confirms what clinical observation and practice have been saying for years:1-7 

  • The gut is one of the most important areas where a person interacts with his environment
  • Through vaginal birth, an infant’s gut is populated with its mother’s microbiome; breast feeding also influences an infant’s gut microbes
  • It is presumed that through delivering by C-section and only ingesting formula, the infant’s gut acquires its microbiome from its parents, siblings, or other people plus bottles, toys, or surfaces it comes in contact with after birth
  • By the age of three years old, a child’s microbiome resembles an adult’s
  • Bacteria are present in relatively small numbers in the small intestine
  • Collectively, the microbiome weighs about three pounds, but it represents 70-90% of the total cells in the body
  • At least 70-80% of our immune system is in the gut
  • 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut
  • An unhealthy gut can leave us open to chronic and infectious diseases, autoimmune problems, malabsorption, and gut-wrenching symptoms
  • Microbes produce antibiotic-like, anti-fungal, and anti-viral substances that help protect us from pathogens
  • Microbes can stimulate the production of stomach acid to kill invading bacteria
  • Lactobacilli can also shield the vagina by lowering the pH of the vagina; about 1/3 of all women have an abnormal mix of vaginal microbes
  • Antibiotics kill and change the microbial balance in the gut; on average, children receive about 17 courses of antibiotics before the age of 20
  • Three lesser known signs of poor gut health are seasonal allergies, difficulty concentrating, and arthritis

As you can see, gut health is a gateway to a person’s good health.


  1. The Missing Microbes
  2. The Inside Tract
  3. Gluten Freedom
  4. The Autoimmune Solution
  5. GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome
  6. The Disease Delusion
  7. Globesity

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