FAQs & Testing Information

How are open-book, self-study courses created?

Our selections are chosen to expose health practitioners to new research and perspectives in hopes the experience will improve our practice and benefit the health of our public. Tests are written by trained item writers and each test is reviewed by three highly qualified dietitians and graded against the self-study criteria set by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Self-study courses are approved for a 3-year period. Toward the end of the period, we evaluate whether to go for another 3 years if the content is still current. Look online to see the current expiration dates.

How many hours can I get through self-study?

Most professionals can get all their hours through self-study. Individual state licensure boards may vary.

What is the difference between the long and short courses?

The difference is the depth of the review and the number of questions—both courses use the same book. The longer 25 hour courses usually have about 125 questions and 15 hour courses have about 75 or so questions. You may only take one course on a book, unless it’s a new edition and has a new review.

Ordering from Helm Publishing?

Office phone hours

We are open M-F, 9:00-5:00 Central. Call Toll Free 877-560-6025 or 940-497-3558 for customer service. You can also email us at: service@helmpublishing.com. Visit our website at: www.helmpublishing.com.

Paying online and coupons

Our website is available 24/7. Use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, or Amazon Pay to pay for your online order. Only one coupon code or discount is valid per order.

We Respect Your Privacy

We do not sell or share your personal information with anyone. It is only used to provide customer service to you. We do not sell advertising nor accept funds from any outside source that could cause the appearance of conflict of interest.

Shipping U.S. orders

U.S. orders are shipped via Priority or First Class Mail, or by UPS, usually within 2 business days. You should receive your order 3-5 business days after it leaves our office. An Overnight or 2nd Day Air order must be placed online or by phone no later than 1 pm Central for it to be shipped that day.

Shipping outside the U.S.

We do not use our website for orders outside the U.S. We use email and PayPal, which can calculate currency exchange to U.S. dollars. Please email us at: service@HelmPublishing.com or call 1-940-497-3558 with your name, shipping address, email, product name(s), and item number(s). We will create an invoice with shipping charges in PayPal, which sends it to your email. All you have to do is click the Pay button on the invoice and input credit card information or whatever payment method you desire. PayPal will convert your currency and put the funds into our account. We will fill your order and ship it immediately.

Refund or Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact Helm Publishing immediately at 940-497-3558. You will receive a full refund or exchange if the product is returned in perfect resale condition, or we are notified about an online test within 30 days. If it is 31-60 days after the date of purchase, you may exchange the product or receive a credit. No refunds are given for online tests that have been completed.

Free Ethics course with each purchase

A free 1 hour Ethics course will be automatically attached to your account in our online testing center. Open it using the same email address and password that you used to buy online. You can access your online test by the link that will be sent by email or by going to the Online Test Login from our homepage. Tests can be found under Course Library. The free ethics course may not be completed more than once per customer. A Certificate is immediately available under “Achievements” when you pass with 70% or higher.

What organizations approve your courses?

We are pre-approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) for RD/RDNs and NDTRs; by the California Board of Registered Nursing for RNs in California and any states that accept their approval; by NCBDE for Certified Diabetes Educators for topics covered on its certification exam; and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) for CHES and MCHES.

Feedback about any course or problem can be sent directly to CDR for RD/RDNs.
Our courses fit two definitions for CDR in the Portfolio: #720 paper/printed or #740 web-based/online.

Does Helm Publishing submit my hours to my accrediting body?

Only Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) have their hours reported to their accrediting body on a quarterly basis. Everyone receives a Certificate of Completion, either emailed or downloaded after an online test. Use the Certificate to document your hours, and have it available in case of audit.

CHES/MCHES: how do I take a course for continuing education?

CHES/MCHES members must buy online courses in the “By Profession” CHES category (http://www.helmpublishing.com/ches) to have hours recorded and reported  properly. Helm Publishing is Provider #114228. After passing your online exam, print a copy of your Certificate of Completion in the “Achievements” tab. Exams completed online by Dec 31st, March 31st, June 30th, and Sept 30th will be reported to NCHEC by the 15th of the following month.

How do I take an online course?

Step 1:

Go to www.helmpublishing.com and buy the “online course” or “online test” option.

Step 2:

An email with your testing site link and a link to the test questions will be sent to you immediately. Keep this email. Your book will be mailed within two business days. Print a copy of the questions in My Account. It will be helpful to scan the questions on the test before reading the book in order to get a feel for what information is deemed core to the topic.

Step 3:

When you want to submit your answers, login to your testing site (use same email and password used to purchase the online test). You can also go to the testing site from our homepage, “Online Test Login.”

Step 4:

Fill in all the answers, and click the “Submit” button to grade the test. A passing grade is 70% or higher. You get credit on the date you submit (and pass) the exam.

Step 5:

You will be given your score, and if you passed, you can print a copy of your Certificate of Completion from a computer not a mobile device.  If the test has fill-in questions, please allow 2 business days for hand-grading and then go to “Achievements.” The test can be purchased again immediately, if you failed.

Can I get a copy of the test questions for my online test?

Questions can be downloaded from My Account on www.HelmPublishing.com.

Can I print my Certificate of Completion from my mobile device?

You can take the test on your mobile device but you must print the Certificate from a computer—that function is not available by mobile device yet. It’s on our wish list.

Why is the online test graded (passing is 70%+) and the paper one is accepted when you see the work was done?

We believe that professionals want to be recognized for their effort. So, we ask that the completed answer sheet be submitted to show their work, or on the online exam, a passing grade (70%+) be achieved. If someone could go online and answer questions randomly without reading the book—and make a score of 45 on the test but still pass—the validity of the CPE hours would be compromised.

How do I take the paper course?

This is an open-book exam. The date you mail the completed answer sheet and certificate to Helm Publishing is the date you receive credit for the course (keep a postal receipt if your timeline is close for state or national records).  RD and DTR exams that are postmarked to by May 31st will be reported in the current year. A certificate and answers will be sent to each person who completes the course. All courses are approved for at least one year from the date of purchase, but all courses are approved for 3-year periods so you may have more time. Please allow 2 weeks for processing exams.

Step 1:

Read the book and answer the questions as you go. It will be helpful to scan the questions on the test before reading the book in order to get a feel for what information is deemed core to the topic.

Step 2: Answer the questions on the answer sheet and fill out the evaluation.
Step 3:

Sign the Certificate of Completion.  Keep copies in the event forms become lost and mail the completed answer sheet, certificate and evaluation to: Helm Publishing, P.O. Box 2105, Lake Dallas, TX  75065.

Step 4:

Review the correct answers that will be sent back to you along with the signed Certificate of Completion. RNs must retain this record for four years, and RDs and DTRs must retain records for five years.

Step 5:

RDs and DTRs can use the certificate to document their hours in their portfolios. Other health professionals may use their Certificates to report contact hours to their member organizations.

Intuitive Eating Certification

We offer Step One (37-hour self-study course) of the Intuitive Eating Certification program. The test is only available online. You can buy any or all of the four elements needed to complete our self-study course: book, online test, audiobook CDs, and workshop MP3 download. If you buy the workshop MP3 option, a Dropbox file will be emailed to you for download to your computer. You will have 7 days to open a free www.Dropbox.com account (if you don’t have one) and download the workshop file. The IE test has some fill-in questions, so please allow 2 business days for hand-grading. You can return to your testing site and print a Certificate of Completion for the course under “Achievements.” Submit the Certificate to Intuitive Eating.