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Type 2 Diabetes: Cardiovascular and Related Complications and Evidence-Based Complementary Treatments (CHES)

Type 2 Diabetes: Cardiovascular and Related Complications and Evidence-Based Complementary Treatments (CHES)

This course is only for CHES practitioners. 

Diabetes medications can lower glucose, but they do not reduce inflammation! Annually, 29 million Americans are diagnosed with T2D; only 36% achieve good medical outcomes. Learn complementary interventions to help control complications: CV, kidney, vision, and peripheral nerve problems. “Chronic high levels of blood sugar are actually due to excessive generation of unopposed free radicals and reactive oxygen species, which eventually jeopardize the formation of the protective molecule nitric oxide,” thus reducing oxygen supply to the body.


Supported my belief how important diet and exercise can be. I enjoyed the book. JC 4/2020

Liked most: The focus on alternative approaches/treatments. Very in-depth material. MM 1/2021

I got an incredible amount of information out of this course. CK 3/2021

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Robert Fried, PhD with Richard Carlton
Course Expiration Date: May-31-2024
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Book Details

Author Robert Fried, PhD with Richard Carlton
Year Published 2018
Edition 1st Edition
Publisher CRC Press
ISBN 978-1138580589
Format Paperback
Page Count 504

Course Objectives

1.2.1 Identify sources of secondary data related to health

1.2.3 review related literature

1.4.2 Identify and analyze factors that impact health

1.2.6 Determine the validity of existing data

4.3.4 Identify usable items from existing instruments       

4.1.6 Determine Types of data to be collected

4.3.1 Identify existing data collection instruments

1.1.4 Apply theories or models to the assessment process

2.3.3 Apply principles of evidence-based practice in selecting or designing strategies/interventions

4.6.8 Develop recommendations based on findings

Recommended For...

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

Why We Chose This Book

The main author of this book, Dr. Robert Fried, is highly qualified as a researcher, medical school instructor, and international speaker and consultant. His book covers evidence-based research into complementary treatments. The book is readable, interesting, and detailed in the physiology of this disease process.  

About the Author

Dr. Robert Fried was Professor Emeritus at Cornell University Medical School, and had appointments at Temple University Medical School, and he was a research scientist at the Aviation Medical Acceleration Laboratory (Project Mercury) among many other positions. He authored more than 45 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, and he holds patents in biomedical instrumentation.