The Rise

The Rise

Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food

Eater and Food & Wine Best Cookbooks! Chef, author, TV star, Samuelsson celebrates contemporary Black Chefs and cuisines from Africa, Caribbean, and US. Marcus shares his own journey, plus stories, history, and every day and celebration cooking. He offers 150 recipes in honor of dozens of top chefs, writers, and activists—with stories exploring their creativity and influence.


Co-written with Osayi Endolyn, Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s long-awaited cookbook, The Rise, profiles the next generation of black chefs and creators like Kwame Onwuachi and Adrienne Cheatham shaping America’s culinary future. We cannot recommend this book highly enough. Food & Wine

[The Rise] is a book about Black excellence in the food world; the recipes…are both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Epicurious

Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Osayi Endolyn, and Yewande Komolafe
Course Expiration Date: May-31-2024
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Book Details

Author Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Osayi Endolyn, and Yewande Komolafe
Year Published 2020
Edition 1st Edition
Publisher Voracious
ISBN 978-0316480680
Format Hardback
Page Count 336

Course Objectives

Level 1 & 2 CPE

Suggested Performance indicators: 1.1.3, 1.7.5, 1.7.6, 1.8.5, 8.5.2, 8.5.3, 8.5.4, 9.4.2, 13.2.2, 13.2.6 

CPE Type: 720 for Printed/Paper Tests, 740 for Web-based/Online Tests

Upon successful completion, the users will be able to:

1. Discuss two reasons why many of the traditional recipes of black cooks were not written and recorded. 

2. Recognize five culturally unique ingredients used in Black African/Caribbean/U.S. Southern cooking, list their uses, and what they are named in an American grocery store.

3. Describe the taste of yaji sauce and where it can be found, traditionally.

4. Discuss where the benne seed is from, how it’s used, what it is similar to and describe at least two recipes that use the seed.

5. List four ancient grains used frequently in African and Caribbean cooking.

6. Recognize or describe: callaloo greens, pepper pot, mangu’, ayib, awaze, piri piri, and berebere seasonings.

7. Explain the historical significance of “broken rice.”

8. List alternative names for the taro root and three uses for cassava.

9. Describe three unique features of African meals and family life.

10. Describe three unique features of foods from the Caribbean and mealtime. 

Recommended For...

Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN)
Dietetics Technician Registered (DTR/NDTR)
Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy Professional
American College of Sports Medicine

Why We Chose This Book

We wanted a book with top credentials in history, cultural, and culinary topics that emphasized food created and enjoyed by a large group of Americans. Our desire was for dietetics practitioners to become more competent in counseling, writing menus, and adapting nutrition guidelines for these clients.

About the Author

Marcus Samuelsson is the acclaimed chef behind many restaurants worldwide. He has won multiple James Beard Foundation awards for his work as a chef and as host of No Passport Required, his public television series. Samuelsson was crowned champion of Top Chef Masters and Chopped All Stars, and was the guest chef for President Obama’s first state dinner. A committed philanthropist, Samuelsson is co-chair of Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), which focuses on underserved youth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Samuelsson converted his restaurants Red Rooster Harlem, Marcus B&P in Newark, and Red Rooster Overtown in Miami into community kitchens in partnership with World Central Kitchen, serving well over 150,000 meals to those in need. Osayi Endolyn is a James Beard Award–winning writer with work in Time, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, Eater, Food & Wine, Condé Nast Traveler, and the Oxford AmericanYewande Komolafe is a writer, recipe developer, and food stylist from Lagos, Nigeria. She develops recipes that lend taste and texture to her experience as an immigrant in the US. A regular contributor to the New York Times.