Rising Above Lyme Disease

Rising Above Lyme Disease (CHES)

This course is only for CHES practitioners.

The CDC estimates that more than 300,000 Americans, especially in the Northeast states, are newly infected with Lyme Disease each year. If caught early, antibiotics can successfully treat it. But more commonly, Lyme is asymptomatic with the spirochetes evading diagnosis until it is a full-blown, often debilitating, chronic disease requiring deep-level health and environmental interventions. Lyme can have neurological, cardiac, psychological, and joint pain implications. Thoroughly researched and referenced.


This book is not only educational, but also inspiring, as Dr. Greenspan comes from the perspective of both a naturopathic doctor and recovered Lyme patient. Laura Piazza, author

Dr. Greenspan provides an easy to understand guide and overview of classical and natural therapies for those with tickborne illness. This book is a must read for those wanting to understand how to bridge the best of Western, Eastern, and natural approached. Dr. Richard Horowitz, MD, Lyme expert and NY Times author

Variety and material was well written. 1/2020

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CHES Program ID # SS114228_RALD15  Max CHES 15 hours / Advanced CHES 12 hours

CHES Program ID # SS114228_RALD25  Max CHES 25 hours / Advanced CHES 21 hours

Julia Greenspan, ND
Course Expiration Date: May-31-2024
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Book Details

Author Julia Greenspan, ND
Edition 1st Edition
Publisher Fair Winds Press
ISBN 978-1-59233-777-4
Format Paperback

Course Objectives

CHES Competencies:

1.1.1 Define priority populations to be assessed

1.1.2 identify existing and necessary resources to conduct assessment,

1.2.3 review related literature, 

1.2.4 Identify gaps in the secondary data 

1.2.6 Determine validity of existing data

1.3.1 Identify data collection instruments 

1.3.3 Develop data collection procedures

1.4.1 Identify and analyze factors that influence behaviors 

1.4.2 identify and analyze factors that impact health

1.4.3 identify the impact of emerging social, economic, and other trends on health

1.5.1 Identify and analyze factors that foster or hinder the learning process

2.2.4 develop goal statements

2.2.5 Develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time sensitive objectives

Advanced Competencies:

3.2.3 Identify needs of individuals involved in implementation   

4.3.1 identify existing data collection instruments

5.1.3 Identify internal and/or external funding sources 

5.1.2 Evaluate financial needs and resources

Recommended For...

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

Why we chose this book

This highly qualified doctor has included the most current evidence-based research into a readable, interesting, ultimately hopeful text. This topic is timely and the book is credible.

About the author

Dr. Julia Greenspan, ND, practices in New Hampshire and has been treating patients with tick-borne disease for 10 years. She is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). She has a background in psychology and social work specializing in crisis management. She is a strong patient advocate, and popular speaker.