Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine

The Keys to Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging, and Life Itself

This book is very readable and attention-grabbing! It is known that many chronic diseases have their roots in dysfunctional mitochondria. Modern research shows nutrition can optimize its function along with other good lifestyle decisions. The book answers the questions: Why at times do antioxidants do more harm than good? What’s the connection between heart disease and Alzheimer’s, or infertility and hearing loss?

The topic of mitochondria may seem dry and uninteresting to the uninitiated, but this book makes mitochondria come to life with vivid descriptions accessible even to those with no training in biology. From infertility to aging to cancer and neurological disease, Dr. Lee Know will teach you that mitochondria playa central role in much that we care about in health and disease. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, Senior research scientist, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Over the last two and a half decades, more and more researchers and clinicians are finding themselves interested in these little powerhouses and proclaiming themselves “mitochonriacs.” Dr. Lee Know does a brilliant job shedding light on this once ignored organelle and shows us how to care for our most important metabolic system. Dr. Nasha Winters, co-author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

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Book Details

Year Published
1st Edition
Chelsea Green
Page Count
Learning Code
  • (2100) Nutritional biochemistry
  • (3100) Supplemental nutrients, botanicals
  • (5000) Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • (5290) Metabolic disorders, Inborn errors
  • (5420) Complimentary care, alternative therapies

Course Objectives

Level 2 & 3 CPE

Suggested Performance Indicators: 4.1.2, 4.2.7, 8.3.1, 8.3.7

CPE Type: 720 for Printed/Paper Tests, 740 for Web-based/Online Tests

Upon successful completion, the users will be able to:

1. Discuss the structure and three functions of mitochondria.

2. Identify the nutritional and lifestyle choices that positively and negatively affect mitochondrial functions.

3. Identify the roles of mitochondria in chronic disease states and aging.

4. List which supplements can improve mitochondrial function.

Recommended For...
  • Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN)
  • Dietetics Technician Registered (DTR/NDTR)
  • Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy Professional
Why we chose this book

This highly qualified practitioner has organized known biochemistry, researched disease processes, and extensive clinical experience into a highly readable and fascinating book on mitochondria and its functions, vulnerabilities, and contributions to health and longevity. 

About the author

Dr. Lee Know is a Canadian naturopath practicing in Toronto. He has held positions as medical director, scientific evaluator, and director of R&D for major organizations. He serves on the editorial advisory board for Alive magazine, Canada’s most-read natural health magazine.