Experts are thrilled with the service and products provided by Helm Publishing! Testimonials from Susannah Lacagnina, MPH, RD, CDE; Lisa Lovejoy, RD; and Nancy Nevin-Folino, Med, RD, CSP, LD, FADA.

I just completed 78 hours of CEUs using Helm Publishing. I learned a lot of new information that I will use both personally and professionally. I truly enjoyed reading the books and taking the tests. The testing format worked without a glitch!” A.C. 5/30/2017

I want to compliment the team at Helm Publishing for the outstanding work they are doing in helping very busy people obtain their CEs. C.R. 5/3/2017

I did well. I am glad because I take my learning seriously not only as a practitioner but as a clinical researcher and professor of clinical nutrition. V.G. 2/8/2017

You have a great selection (of courses) currently! Thank you for creating this engaging, inspiring & useful course! (The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist, 4th ed.) 5/30/2017

Thank you for having the paper option. Computer tests can be difficult (for me). 5/20/2017

Thanks for finding these good books. (Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition & Fitness) I have been using these techniques… It works! 5/13/2017

I found myself taking this course on my lunch break at work. (Cultural Food Practices) Self-study classes are great, you can fit them in when you have time. 6/7/2017

I have been very pleased with the fact you provide CPE credit hours for relevant books. I really like the choice of book studies offered. 6/11/2016

Great research and concisely summarized—one of the best books I have read regarding nutrition and disease prevention. This is one of my favorite CEU courses—a great read! (How Not To Die) 3/28/2017

Thanks for providing a great way to gain CEUs and at the same time get a resource that can be used in a clinical setting. (Intensive Diabetes Management, 6th ed.) 3/27/2017

I am happy with your selection of books and topics about med-food interactions, as well as your selection of study courses dealing with functional medicine. (Drug Muggers). 3/27/2017

I liked the way the test questions flowed with the book. The book is an excellent reference and will be useful to have. (Your Blood Never Lies) 3/10/2017

Thank you so much for awesome books and service! A. 3/8/2017 The Best CEU course I’ve completed. Excellent, in-depth information. (Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms) 4/21/2017 I enjoyed everything about this course. One of the best courses I have read. (The Hormone Cure) 5/25/2017