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Building Bone Vitality - Front Cover

Building Bone Vitality - A Revolutionary Diet Plan to Prevent Bone Loss and Reverse Osteoporosis

Amy Joy Lanou, PhD, Michael Castleman

After reviewing over 1,200 research articles, authors give their insights on osteoporosis prevention. Our typical diet leads to a chronic state of metabolic acidosis that leaches calcium from bone. Curiously, the countries with the highest calcium intakes have the highest rates of osteoporosis.


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Eating on the Wild Side - Front Cover

Eating on the Wild Side - The Missing Link to Optimum Health

Jo Robinson
One of the best books you will ever read on the science and practical advice on how to increase the phytonutrients in your diet from fruits and vegetables. “Highly recommended reading for all who are health conscious.” –Andrew Weil, MD “Only Michael Pollan would come close to her superbly researched work.” –Bill Kurtis, TV Journalist Learn More
Globesity - Front Cover

Globesity - 10 Things You Didn't Know Were Making You Fat

Clare Fleishman, MS, RD

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Wonderful book with researched insights into weight gain from human behaviors, foods, and unforeseen consequences of modern living—similar to Mindless Eating but with lifestyle challenges!

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Front Cover

Missing Microbes - How the Overuse of Antibiotics is Fueling our Modern Plagues

Dr. Martin Blaser, MD
Dr. Martin Blaser, MD explains the problem with medicine’s overuse of antibiotics and the underappreciated human microbiome and its contribution to health and human disease. Missing microbes affects nutrient absorption, immune system function, and the risk for diabetes and obesity. Learn More
Nutrition in Clinical Practice - Front Cover

Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Dr. David L. Katz MD MPH FACPM FACP, Rachel S.C. Friedman MD MHS, Sean C. Lucan MD MPH MS
Acclaimed nutrition text written by physicians with nutrition expertise for practicing clinicians. It is evidence-based nutrition therapy across the full expanse of health and disease. New data from hundreds of studies is included in this edition along with enhanced coverage of controversial topics. Also, includes an interactive eBook edition. Learn More
PCOS - Front Cover

PCOS: The Dietitian's Guide

Angela Grassi, MS, RD, LDN

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PCOS is the most complex and common endocrine disorder among women of childbearing age. This book explains the physiology, symptoms, evidence-based therapies and lifestyle changes needed to improve a woman’s quality of life.

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Pregnancy Complicated by Diabetes - Front Cover

Pregnancy Complicated by Diabetes, 5th Edition - Medical Management

Donald R. Coustan, MD
This book presents diabetes protocols that help produce healthy mothers and infants in pregnancies complicated by type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Wonderful resource! Learn More
Real Food for Gestational Diabetes - Front Cover

Real food for Gestational Diabetes - An effective alternative to the conventional nutrition approach

Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE, CLT

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As gestational diabetes rates continue to rise, this book and its menus and recipes teach readers how to better control blood sugar naturally with a low carbohydrate, high protein, calorie-dense diet. Reader-friendly and extensively referenced with evidence-based research.

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The Autoimmune Solution - Front Cover

The Autoimmune Solution - Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases

Amy Myers, MD, Austin, TX

A scientifically proven plan for preventing and reversing the full spectrum of autoimmune diseases. Most people use medication to suppress their overactive immune systems, but there are natural, more effective ways!

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The Gut Balance Revolution - Front Cover

The Gut Balance Revolution - Boost Your Metabolism, Restore Your Inner Ecology, and Lose Weight for Good!

Gerard Mullin, MD, author of Inside Tract and Integrative GI

Popular author! Recent research shows human intestinal microbiota influences metabolism, appetite, hormones, inflammation, and insulin resistance. Losing weight is more than cutting calories. Learn how to lose weight for good!

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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total