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Background and Philosophy

    What is the aim of CDR's recertification program?

    Can you give me an overview of the Professional Development Portfolio?

    The Portfolio seems complicated, what was wrong with the old system?

    What do I need to do to maintain my RD/DTR status?

Submitting the Portfolio-General Questions

    What do I need to send into CDR?

    What is the required timeline for submission?

    If I finish my CPEU requirements early, can I submit them before the end of my 5-year recertification cycle?

    When will I hear if my Step 3: Learning Plan was approved? When will I hear if my Step 4: Learning Activities Log was approved?

    Is it better to submit online or hardcopy?

    Can I fax in my Step 3: Learning Plan or Step 4: Learning Activities Log?

    I’m trying to get online, what is my ID number and password?

Step 3: Learning Plan

    How do I submit my Learning Plan online?

    How do I revise my Step 3: Learning Plan?

    Am I restricted to going to activities related to my Learning Plan?

    I have no idea what I will be doing in the next five years, how should I do a Learning Plan?

    I am not currently working in the field of dietetics, but wish to retain my RD/DTR credential. How do I make the PDP work for me?

    I have a large number of Learning Need Codes under Medical Nutrition Therapy, do I need to write them all down?

    Do I have to have four Learning Need Codes per goal?

    How many goals are required?

    Can’t I just write one goal: “To stay abreast of current nutrition trends in many areas” and list a whole bunch of Learning Need Codes?

    How specific do my goals have to be?

    Under what circumstances could my Learning Plan be rejected?

    Where can I find a list of Learning Need Codes?

    If I send in a revised Learning Plan, will I lose all the CPEUs I earned under my original Learning Plan?

Step 4: Learning Activities Log—Attending Activities

    Where can I find continuing education activities?

    How do I know if a CPE activity will be approved under the Professional Development Portfolio?

    How many hours will I get for attending a particular activity?

    Can I receive credit for attending a conference/seminar that is not pre-approved for RDs/DTRs?

    Is it required that CPE activities have prior-approval by CDR?

    I completed a self-study that doesn’t have prior-approval, how do I go about getting it approved?

    Am I restricted to the CPE activity types I selected on my Step 3: Learning Plan?

    Can I attend activities at any level? What if the program brochure doesn’t list the CPE level?

    Is CPE credit awarded for being an invited speaker or writing books?

Step 4: Learning Activities Log—Filling out the Activity Log


    Will I be audited?

    How long do I need to keep my records?

    What if I did not get a certificate of attendance from an activity I attended?

State Licensure

    How do I report my hours for state licensure?