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Handbook of Nutrition and the Kidney - Front Cover

Handbook of Nutrition and the Kidney

William Mitch, MD and Alp Ikizler, MD, eds. with 31 contributing renal medical and nutrition experts
Written by physicians, topics include nutrition and how it relates to nephrotic syndrome, renal dysfunction, diabetes and hypertension, kidney stones, dialysis, and transplant. A thorough discussion to help patients live better. Learn More
Nutrition in Clinical Practice - Front Cover

Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Dr. David L. Katz MD MPH FACPM FACP, Rachel S.C. Friedman MD MHS, Sean C. Lucan MD MPH MS
Acclaimed nutrition text written by physicians with nutrition expertise for practicing clinicians. It is evidence-based nutrition therapy across the full expanse of health and disease. New data from hundreds of studies is included in this edition along with enhanced coverage of controversial topics. Also, includes an interactive eBook edition. Learn More
What You Must Know About Dialysis - Front Cover

What You Must Know About Dialysis - The Secrets to Surviving and Thriving on Dialysis

Rich Snyder, DO
This book covers the science behind the various types of dialysis, treatment options facing people with renal failure, needed foods, fluid, and dietary changes, medication options, and strategies to help patients thrive on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Thorough and interesting! Learn More
What You Must Know About Kidney Disease - Front Cover

What You Must Know About Kidney Disease - A Practical Guide to Using Conventional and Complementary Treatments

Rich Snyder, DO

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This outstanding resource is interesting and practical with evidence-based traditional and complementary therapies! It covers normal kidney function and how it’s evaluated and progresses into inflammation, oxidative stress, and common causes of kidney disease. Standard and complementary treatments are discussed.

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4 Item(s)