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100 Questions & Answers About HIV and AIDS - Front Cover

100 Questions & Answers About HIV and AIDS

Joel Gallant, MD, MPH
Bestselling, popular book! It’s a riveting mix of front-line science, medical advances, and lifestyle coaching to people with HIV and AIDS. Formerly death sentences, they are now considered chronic diseases with consistent medications, good healthy choices, and vigilant adherence. Learn More
Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness

Dawn Clifford, PhD, RDN, and Laura Curtis, MS, RDN

This book explains the proven, popular counseling approach, Motivational Interviewing (MI), and shows how to integrate it into present counseling interactions with clients. MI offers tools to help clients work through ambivalence and avoid quick-fixes and overcome barriers to change and maintain healthier habits. Sample dialogues show specific ways to improve conversations on movement and planning and eating better.

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Nutrition Care of the Older Adult - Front Cover

Nutrition Care of the Older Adult - Throughout the Continuum of Care

Kathleen Neidert, PhD, RDN, CSG, LD, FADA and members of the Dietitians in Health Care Communities DPG

Updated with the latest scientific and evidence-based guidelines this guide is appropriate for both new and experienced practitioners. Excellent resource for working with patients at home, in the community, in public health, and long term care settings. Covers the unique chronic diseases, physiological changes, and nutritional needs of this aging population. The book offers 5 CPE hours from AND on top of the hours we offer.

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Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition - Front Cover

Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition

Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD and Alan Mikesky, PhD, FACSM

Outstanding sports resource! Totally updated with the newest research in food for sports, timing, peaking, and motivating athletes. Includes access to the eBook, resources, and newest ACSM/AND position statement.

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Skinny Liver - Front Cover

Skinny Liver - A Proven Program to Prevent and Reverse the New Silent Epidemic—Fatty Liver Disease

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD with Ibrahim Hanouneh, MD

Excellent book!  A silent health crisis is impacting 33% of Americans—nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. If your liver becomes overwhelmed, it can lead to fatigue, weight gain, liver disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disease. Written by an expert integrative RD, nutrition manager at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute along with a hepatic physician.

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The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook - Front Cover

The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook - The Proven Low-FODMAP Plan for Eating Well and Feeling Great

Patsy Catsos, MS, RD, LD

Excellent resource! Leading FODMAP expert, Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD teaches health professionals how to treat patients with IBS through diet instead of medications. Help patients discover dietary triggers to build a healthy diet. This book contains the FODMAP Elimination Diet, including lists of low- and high-FODMAP foods! The author answers over 100 questions that clients commonly ask. Wonderful resource for counselors.

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The Secret Life of Fat - Front Cover

The Secret Life of Fat - The Science Behind the Body’s Least Understood Organ and What It Means to You

Sylvia Tara, PhD
The Secret Life of Fat brings cutting-edge research to reveal fat’s true identity: an endocrine organ that, in the right amount, is critical to our health. Fat triggers puberty, enables our reproductive and immune systems, and even affects brain size. Learn More
The Telomere Effect - Front Cover

The Telomere Effect - A Revolutionary Approach to Living Longer, Healthier, Longer

Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD and Elissa Epel, PhD

The Telomere Effect is a New York Times bestselling book. It’s a fascinating mix of cutting-edge science and lifestyle coaching on how the tiny ends of the chromosomes determine how fast our cells age and die. These are ways we can extend our health spans.

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The Thyroid Connection - Front Cover

The Thyroid Connection - Why You Feel Tired, Brain-Fogged, and Overweight

Amy Myers, MD

NY Times Bestselling author! Deep insight into the physiology, hormonal, and medical implications of thyroid function and dysfunction—and how to return balance using diet and lifestyle. Covers hyper- and hypothyroid conditions.

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Winning the War Within - Front Cover

Winning the War Within, 3rd edition - Nutrition Therapy for Clients with Eating Disorders

Eileen Stellefson Myers, MPH, RD, LDN, CEDRD, FAND and Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn, MS, RDN, CSSD, CEDRD, LDN, FAND

New Edition! Excellent resource for counselors since 1999. Totally updated, this popular training manual is for counselors of clients with eating disorders. There are 16 pre-planned therapy sessions for use with individuals or groups, along with the 72 pages of camera-ready patient education forms.

If your purchase includes the manual with handouts (#1570 or #1572), you will receive a link to our Online Testing System to download the Winning the War Within Handouts PDF after you place your order.  Sign into our Online Testing System, navigate to the Winning the War Within course, and download the Client Sessions Handouts under Additional References.

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