Intensive Diabetes Management (CHES)

This course is only for CHES practitioners.

Virtually all patients with diabetes can improve glycemic control through intensive management. Following the personalized treatment is complex, but studies have shown it to be very effective in avoiding or controlling side effects and thus today, it is commonly used in diabetes care. This book covers the rationale and physiological basis of intensive therapy, patient selection and education, insulin regimens, pump therapy, monitoring, and nutrition management.

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Year Published
6th Edition
American Diabetes Association
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Course Objectives


1.4.3 Identify factors that enhance or compromise health

2.5.1 Identify factors that foster or hinder implementation

3.2.2 Assess progress in achieving objectives

7.2.2 Tailor messages to priority populations


After this course, participants will be able to:

1. Determine appropriate intensive nutritional intervention for clients with diabetes.

2. Determine appropriate intervention for clients with the insulin pump.

3. Discuss three benefits of intensive diabetes management not achieved through less intensive insulin regulation and diabetes care.

4. List two technological/biomedical advances that have changed the way diabetes care is assessed or monitored.

5. Describe carbohydrate counting and how insulin is altered to account for increased carbohydrate calories, added exercise, or illness.

6. Better assess patients’ needs and determine appropriate nutrition therapy intervention.

Recommended For...
Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)
Why we chose this book
The American Diabetes Association is known for its wonderful evidence-based books on diabetes care. This book is in its 6th edition and continues to have wide acceptance.
About the author
Howard Wolpert, MD, is Senior Physician in Adult Diabetes at the Joslin Diabetes Center. He is also Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.