End of Life Nutrition

As seen on Nightline! The book, A Good Death, was written by a medical writer after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was finished by her husband after her death. They had been interviewed on the Nightline TV program during the Teri Shiavo controversy and the segment was so compelling, it attracted nationwide attention and a second show was aired as a follow-up. Read it as a case study on end-of-life care and empowerment to patients and caregivers. Read the monograph by Sarah Laidlaw, MS, RD for detailed nutrition therapy when cure or recovery is not possible and the patient wants to die a good, more comfortable death. All three authors are strong advocates for hospice care.

2 Part Test:

  • A Good Death Book
  • Monograph
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Book Details

Year Published
1st Edition
Helm Publishing
Page Count
Learning Code
  • (1000) Professional skills
  • (1050) Ethics
  • (3000) Nutrition assessment & Diagnosis
  • (3040) Food consumption, fluid balance
  • (3050) Feeding, swallowing, dentition
  • (3070) Pharmacological, drug/nutrient, herbal interaction
  • (4000) Wellness and public health
  • (4190) Elderly nutrition
  • (5000) Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • (5100) Elderly
  • (5150) Cancer
  • (5280) Nutrient deficiencies, Failure to thrive
  • (5380) Wound care
  • (5390) Care planning, documentation, and evaluation
  • (5400) Case management
  • (5430) End of life care
  • (6000) Education, Training, and Counseling
  • (6070) Interviewing and listening skills

Course Objectives

Suggested Performance Indicators: 2.1.3, 6.1.2, 6.1.9, 8.1.2


Upon successful completion of this self-study course, the users will be able to:

1. Discuss the physiology of dying and how food and fluid play roles in that process.

2. Identify ways to create palliative care for end of life patients in addition to pain medications.

3. Better assess the patients’ needs and determine appropriate nutrition therapy intervention for patients.

Recommended For...
  • Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN)
  • Dietetics Technician Registered (DTR/NDTR)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy Professional
Why we chose this book
We published the book because the story and information were so timely and important. Wonderful story and beautiful writing!
About the author
Laura Schmidt, MA, was a medical writer and volunteer at a hospice when she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Determined to overcome her fate, she fought back with chemo and then resigned herself to having a good death where she was comfortable, relatively active, and in control as long as possible. Joe Pizzarello was her husband and best friend who made the journey with her and then finished her manuscript and found a publisher. The monograph was written by Sarah Laidlaw, MS, RD, a writer and hospice dietitian.