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  1. A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Order Writing Privileges - Front Cover

    A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Order Writing Privileges

    Prices shown reflect the discounted price. These products are not included in seasonal or coupon sales, as they are already discounted.  

    A fantastic resource for RDs! Advance the level and scope of your clinical dietetics practice and improve patient care through nutrition order writing by dietitians. This book thoroughly looks at the research on the topic, implementation strategies, and how to approach achieving privileges.

    Heidi Silver, PhD, RD, Annalynn Skipper, PhD, RD, FADA, & Karren Moreland, RD, CNSD
  2. An American Sickness - Front Cover

    An American Sickness

    N.Y. Times #1 Bestseller! It is time for a very serious discussion about how to change our entire dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system. Written by a Harvard trained physician who was a reporter for 22 years with the New York Times!

    “An authoritative account of the distorted financial incentives that drive medical care in the U.S.” The Washington Post

    Elizabeth Rosenthal, MD
  3. 1 Hour Mini Course: Ethics, Private Practice, and Social Media

    Ethics, Private Practice, and Social Media: 1 Hour Mini Course

    This course covers practical issues and controversies in business ethics. Who decides what’s ethical? What do we watch out for? What responsibility do we have to our clients, patients, and colleagues?

    Course includes an article and test, which can be in either paper or online format.  For the online course, download the article PDF within My Account on or within Helm Publishing's testing system under Reference Materials after purchase.  

    Kathy King, RDN, LDN
  4. The Competitive Edge - Front Cover

    Marketing You: 2 Hour Online Mini Course

    Part of Helm Publishing's Online Mini Course Series

    Selected Chapter from The Competitive Edge, 3rd edition

    No matter what your job or area of practice, one of the most important skills you need to be successful is knowing how to market yourself.

    Kathy King, RD, editor
  5. Originals - Front Cover


    Pre-order Originals now!  The course will be available by January 26, 2017.  

    An original thought-leader, Grant, addresses the challenge of improving the world by becoming an “original,” championing new ideas and values that go against the grain, fighting groupthink, and bucking outdated traditions.

    Adam Grant
  6. The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist - Front Cover

    The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist, Revised 4th edition

    This classic tell-it-like-it-is book has helped thousands of dietitians create their own businesses or determine entrepreneurship it was not an avenue they wanted to pursue. Includes data from Worldwide survey and 1,600+ dietitians who shared what made them successful!

    Revised test!  The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist test has now been changed to all objective questions! Customers who purchsed the earlier version with fill-in-the-blank questions can receive this new version by calling the office at 877-560-6025. The book remains the same.   

    Kathy King, RD editor and author with 10 contributing authors
  7. The New Rules of Marketing & PR - Front Cover

    The New Rules of Marketing & PR, 6th Edition

    Over 375,000 copies sold in 29 languages! Updated every two years because Internet marketing is changing THAT fast. This book is considered “the guidebook” for online marketing. We have been offering this course since the 2nd edition!

    David Meerman Scott
  8. The Real Food Revolution - Front Cover

    The Real Food Revolution

    Prices shown reflect the discounted price. These products are not included in seasonal or coupon sales, as they are already discounted. 

    Written by Congressman Tim Ryan, who takes on the problems with our food supply and advocates that we all take a more active role in changing the quality of our food through what we buy and how we vote—forcing a better farm bill! Reader-friendly and extensively referenced.

    Congressman Tim Ryan
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