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Nutrition and Mental Health - Front Cover

Nutrition and Mental Health

Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD, RDN
This book explores the influence of nutrients or nutrient deficiencies on mental health through the current scientific literature on nutrition and addictions, aggression, depression, dementia, ASDs, and ADHD. Topics are as diverse as aging, brain physiology, eating studies, genetics, and psychology. Learn More
The UltraMind Solution - Front Cover

The UltraMind Solution - Fix Your Brain by Healing Your Body First

Mark Hyman, MD, Functional Medicine expert

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Learn the natural foods and nutrients associated with proper brain function as well as those that balance hormones and cool inflammation to handle ADD, ADHD, Alzheimerís, Autism, depression, anxiety, mood issues, and others.

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Why Isn't My Brain Working? - Front Cover

Why Isn't My Brain Working? - Understanding Brain Decline and Effective Strategies to Recover Its Health

Datis Kharazian, DHSc., DC, MS, international speaker & private practitioner
Continuing education hours for this course have been increased from what is noted in our Fall Brochure. This course is now available in 35 and 20 hour versions. Brain degeneration affects millions of Americans—this happens to people of all ages. Learn to spot degeneration, low neurotransmitters, and neurological diseases, and how to heal through diet and lifestyle changes. Wonderful resource! Learn More

3 Item(s)